What Is FoodForTheShelter.com?

The mission of FoodForTheShelter.com is to feed the approximately 50 men, women and children who are at the Salvation Army’s Emergency shelter on any given day. The goal is to raise $75,000 over the course of a year to purchase food staples for the shelter–that equates to 250 people making a $25 monthly donation (the cost of a fast-food meal for four).

What Is The Salvation Army’s Emergency Shelter?

It is a seventy-two bed shelter and kitchen dining area where people in need are offered a place to spend the night and two meals a day.

Who Are We Helping?

The shelter serves families with children as well as single women and men in need of help during a time of crisis. Some have experienced an unexpected emergency such as a layoff or illness. The average stay for an individual or family is about two months.